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Sports Handicapping Pro Basketball Organizations

A politician once said that, “a fish rots from the head down.” That is certainly a good argument for sports betting players to take into account when sports handicapping the National Basketball Association. There are certain franchises that merit respect by sports betting players and others that are quite risky, with owners who have demonstrated by their actions a refusal to spend money to win. Sports betting players have their go with and go against teams in pro basketball but must be mindful of the sports betting odds maker’s knowledge of these franchise reputations.

The best example of a franchise committed to winning that gets horrible value against the sports betting odds are the Los Angeles Lakers. Owner Jerry Buss is totally committed to winning but the Lakers are the ultimate “name brand team” and thus require a sports betting player to exercise caution before risking the bankroll on this team.

On the opposite extreme are the Los Angeles Clippers. Few franchises save for pro football’s Arizona Cardinals have been more demonstrably horrible in all of sports. Few sports betting players are interested in the Clippers and that can, at times, actually give them superior value at online sports betting websites. That being said relying on the Clippers too often is as foolish as making football picks on the Cardinals against the sports betting odds. There may be the odd example where it makes sports betting sense but as a rule it’s unwise.

Two model organizations that met in this year's NBA Finals are the Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs. Both teams have excellent front offices and coaches along with a team oriented style that prevents slumps against the sports betting odds. Both teams will, more often than not, deliver solid efforts to the sports betting players wagering on them. At the same time, these good teams often offer value at online sports betting websites and sportsbooks because they are not glamour or “name brand” teams such as the Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers.

Speaking of Philadelphia, there is a great example of an organization that lets the inmates run the asylum and allows itself to be held hostage by it’s star player, Allen Iverson. This can be a dangerous combination to a sports betting player’s bankroll and why relying on the Sixers against the sports betting odds is quite a gamble in the long run.

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