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Sports Handicapping Baseball Emotion

Baseball is a sport of numbers, in fact, it may be the ultimate numbers game and it is that very quality which attracts so many hard-core sports betting players to wagering on and sports handicapping baseball games against the sports betting odds.

Much more than any other sport, baseball is a statistician’s paradise, with infinite amounts of numbers than can be, and often are, utilized for every kind of sports handicapping angle possible. Statistics and data regarding pitchers, both starting and bullpen, along with batting and even umpire numbers offer all kinds of different sports handicapping methodology.

The one factor that can get a sports betting player in trouble when it comes to baseball however, beyond getting too cute and complex with the numbers and over analyzing them, is to misjudge emotional factors when sports handicapping a baseball game. Emotion, like managers, is not of paramount importance when sports betting baseball games at online sports betting websites or in person casino sportsbooks.

Baseball is very much like the “house edge” of gambling. Over the long-term of its 162-game marathon regular season the reality of where a baseball team and player stands will come to the fore and the very nature of the season prevents emotion carrying a team beyond where they would have been in the first place without it. Sports handicapping baseball, therefore, must come down to other factors rather than pure emotion. A better sports handicapping guide and angle to use when analyzing baseball games is current trends and streaks. Even good baseball teams will hit rough patches of poor play and losing during the course of a season and the sports betting player that can isolate and exploit these stretches can often find a solid edge against the sports betting odds.

Even in the baseball playoffs, emotional factors cannot be given too much weight when sports handicapping games against the sorts betting odds and lines. A sports betting player finding value in baseball often comes down to more pure and numeric minimum edge requirements against the sports betting odds and lines rather than anything emotional. The team that is playing well at the right time, or vice versa, or the team that has strong sports handicapping edges, is the team for a sports betting player to end up wagering on.

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