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Raising Knowledge

In poker there are many ways for a poker player to take and read a raise by another online poker player or in person poker player at a Texas holdem poker table. Poker rules of thumb dictate that a poker chip bet raise and its implications at the poker table are not just relevant to poker hands but to the poker player making the raise and from what position at the online poker or in person poker table.

Even at poker events such as the World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour, online poker players like to study the world class poker players at these televised events so they can gain knowledge about their Texas holdem poker opponents at the poker table and how these poker players play and bet poker chips on various types of poker hands.

Some poker players on the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker standout from the rest of the best and are only predictable in the sense that they are totally unpredictable. The best example of a poker player that epitomizes unpredictability would be the great Gus Hansen. The way Hansen plays all of the different types of poker hands at a poker table sets him apart and it is impossible for a poker player to claim that Hansen has any normal poker tendencies at the poker table.

Many of the best Texas holdem poker players like to scout out poker tables at online poker websites or casino poker card rooms to find the poker tables with the most predictable and easy to read poker players.

While a poker player is scouting out a poker table or his Texas holdem poker opponents at a poker table he should pay attention to the various times that the poker players at that table like to come in with raises be it during the “come in” round before the flop, on the flop, or on Fourth Street (the turn) or Fifth Street (the river). Many poker players don’t even know that they give off poker tells (clues/signs) by only raising at certain times or certain draws which makes them highly predicable and thus gives their Texas holdem poker opponents at the poker table a tremendous advantage.

Poker players that pick up the raising tendencies of their poker opponents will also be better able to read the hidden meaning of those raises and poker rules of thumb on how to bet their poker chips during those raises.

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