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5 Types of Online Betting - Sports Betting, Casino Betting ....


There are five main kinds of online betting available on the Internet today, including sports betting, casino style games, lotteries, horse wagering and wireless waging.

Sports Betting is leading the pack in terms of gaining popularity over other kinds of online betting on the Internet. In the last two years, sports betting has accounted for the largest dollar volumes in both Las Vegas and on the Internet. Nearly half of all online betting is devoted to sports betting.

Most online sites offer sports betting on football, baseball, basketball, golf, boxing, cricket, Formulae One, rugby and tennis matches. Some sites offer you the option of betting on virtual games, such as a horse or greyhound race.

The second most popular form of online betting is Casino style games. Most sites offer the same kinds of games that you would find in real casinos: Blackjack, Keno, Craps, Roulette, Poker, Video Poker and Slot Machines. Bingo is also a popular choice, especially for women who are interested in online betting.

In countries and states where it is allowed, lotteries and lottery style betting is also very popular. Only thirty-nine of the United States allow lottery betting online. Although you are not making a wager when you are playing the lottery, or bingo, these games are still considered to be online betting.

Internationally, especially in the Far East, horse racing is a very popular form of online betting. Some sites also offer virtual horse races, and car races with a new race being held every two minutes.

A growing online betting industry on the Internet is financial wagering. This kind of online betting offers b the opportunity to place a wager on what the day's closing numbers will be on companies like GTSE and NIKKEI that are part of the Dow Jones Industrial average. Wagers can also be placed on interest rates, potential mergers and individual stocks. This kind of wagering is popular in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Wireless wagering is technically online betting and is part of the wave of the future. Currently, there are several companies that offer wireless devices that are capable of processing online gambling. It is predicted that this type of wagering will mostly be used for betting on real time events such as football games and horse racing.

Online betting games generally come in three formats, as a download, as Flash and as JAVA. Some people prefer not to download software into their computer and would rather play online. Either way, most Internet online betting sites usually offer the player all kinds of formats as well as the option to practice online betting by playing for fun.

Most online sites offer players a combination of sports betting and casino games. Some sites even offer you the option of online betting on the outcome of popular television shows such as Big Brother, Survivor and American Idol. If there is a bet to made, it is a sure bet that you will find the right game for you on the Internet.






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