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No Sports Betting Power With Baseball Powers

If you like to “play favorites” as a sports handicapping player or are not comfortable with dogs or non-power favorites, or if you are not an over/under total player than you may as well not bother betting baseball at all because sports betting players who simply lay the huge money on the sports betting odds and lines posted on the board for power teams with their ace pitcher going at home are going to be broke fast. Believe me; it’s been tried over and over again.

When a baseball bettor looks at the sports betting odds and lines on the board at an online sports betting website or casino sportsbook, and he sees lines on favorites such as minus two-hundred-twenty, minus two-hundred-fifty, minus two-hundred-seventy-five or even minus three-hundred OR MORE it should serve as a crystal clear indicator that the online sports betting website and casino sportsbooks do NOT want action on those teams and are trying to scare prospective sports betting players interested in wagers on those teams from making the bet. By the same token, the sports betting odds makers are also telling sports betting players that want to take those power favorites with their ace starting pitcher on the mound at home against an also ran that if you take that team, you are going to pay a PREMIUM price.

Because the baseball sports betting odds are based on a money line rather than a pointspread, baseball is a sport in which a sports betting player can MAKE money despite having a break even fifty/fifty win record or even a slight losing record on his actual bets as long as they are always on UNDERDOGS against the sports betting odds posted on the baseball board at the online sports betting websites and casino sportsbooks.

For baseball bettors who want action on the power teams, there is but one way to go about it; when a power team is on the road versus another power team and preferably as an underdog against the sports betting odds. This is when a good baseball team offers sports betting players VALUE. Sometimes these teams can also offer some value as SMALL home favorites when up against another power team as the visitor with a good pitcher taking the hill in the matchup.

Sometimes a sports betting player’s effort to turn on the power against the baseball sports betting odds means turning off the power teams.

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