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Betting College Basketball Totals

With so many online sportsbooks, and so many betting lines available, virtually everything is now available to the sports bettor, including college basketball totals. It used to be that you would only see totals posted at sportsbooks on televised college basketball games. Some sportsbooks still have that policy, but many sportsbooks are branching out and putting totals on more and more games. Some sportsbooks will even put a total on every game. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make a good total for sportsbooks on every college basketball game? Plain and simple, it can’t be done.

Whenever you see something that is difficult for the sportsbooks to do, you know your chances as a bettor have immediately improved. Sportsbooks have a tough enough time making quality NBA totals, so you know sportsbooks are going to be even worse making college basketball totals.

If you were considering betting college basketball totals at sportsbooks, it would be in your best interest to narrow your focus to a couple of conferences, or perhaps even one conference. If you can read, study, and watch a certain conference, you are going to have a big edge on the sportsbooks. The people that make the betting line for college basketball totals don’t watch nearly as many games as you might think. Sportsbooks base most of their numbers on straight statistics, nothing else. Sportsbooks don’t watch games from every conference. With some of the smaller conferences, sportsbooks may not watch any games. If you can watch a certain conference, and it is more possible now with ESPN’s extra college basketball package and the various sports channels, you can have a better idea of what a total should be than the sportsbooks.

When you begin betting college basketball totals the first step is to make your number before the sportsbooks comes out with theirs. After the line comes out you can compare your number against the sportsbooks betting line and find very solid plays to consider. You can then take into account things like injuries, home/away splits, specific rivalries, past history, etc. The sportsbooks rarely takes all of this into consideration on a total. Sportsbooks spend far less time on a college basketball total than they do on a side. There are two main reasons for this. One - most sportsbooks take far lower limits on college basketball totals than they do on sides, so they are less important. Two - Not as many sportsbooks put up college basketball totals on every game so sportsbooks are not as concerned about them.

Betting college basketball totals with sportsbooks is something that very few average bettors consider doing. Usually sharp bettors play college basketball totals at sportsbooks. That right there should tell you all you need to know about college basketball totals - they are beatable.

Consider adding college basketball totals to your betting menu and I believe you will be pleased with the results.

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