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Baseball Sports Betting Odds Often High

By Kenny Rivers

Baseball is not among the most popular of sports for sports betting players to make sports betting wagers on. Baseball is a drop in the bucket as far as the overall business picture of a Las Vegas sportsbook or online sports betting site but the sports betting players that take up baseball sports betting are quite ardent about trying to beat the national pastime and sports betting odds posted by the sportsbooks and online sports betting sites.

One of the great difficulties that a sports betting player faces in betting baseball is that it is a moneyline sport. To put this another way baseball does not utilize pointspreads but rather sports betting odds based on the amount of money that a sports betting player must lay out to win $100 on a sports betting line favorite. Conversely, if a sports betting player wants to take the underdog in a baseball game he can bet $100 to win anywhere from $105 to up to over $300 on a large sports betting odds underdog.

Some sports betting players are quite hesitant to bet against heavy favorites posted on the sports betting odds. Heavy favorites in baseball usually have a great pitcher going for them and often have a sports betting line posted at minus $200 or more. Sure, the sports betting odds are in their favor but keep in mind that a loss will cost a sports betting player at least two and often times three wins to make up for against the sportsbooks and online sports betting websites. Yet many sports betting players cannot pry themselves away from heavy favorites in baseball and they lay the money to the sportsbooks and online sports betting websites.

There was a time a few seasons ago that a sports betting player might be able to get away with betting big money on large favorites from the sports betting line but sportsbooks and online sports betting websites became wise to this and now post outrageous sports betting odds in situations in which power and or popular baseball teams send their ace pitcher to the hill. The sports betting odds makers post the numbers so outrageously high in order to discourage sports betting action by sports betting players on these odds on favorites and perhaps even entice a few sports betting players to take a shot against the sports betting line on the heavy underdog.

Baseball offers a sports betting player considerable challenges, which is the very attraction for many online sports betting players.

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