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Are Sports Betting Parlays Profitable?

Betting football sports betting parlays are very popular among sports gamblers, especially when it comes to the NFL. Let’s review the basics for a moment. A parlay offers a way to link together a number of individual wagers. The sports betting parlay bet wins if every one of the individual wagers wins. If any single wager loses, the entire parlay bet is lost. If any single wager is a tie or what is called a push, the sports betting parlay bet is still good, but it just drops down to the next level.
The main reason people bet a parlay is to get higher payouts. Since each part of the parlay must win in order to collect, the payouts are higher, but they are also more difficult to hit. Here is an example of a typical NFL four team parlay. You like New England -7, Pittsburgh -4, Philadelphia -7, and Washington -3. You bet the parlay for $100. If all four of your teams win and cover the spread you payout will be approximately 10-1. That means you get your $100 back and win $1000. If just one of your four selections is a loser the parlay is a loss and you get nothing. Here are some typical odds for football sports betting parlays.

# of Teams
# of Teams
13 to 5
150 to 1
6 to 1
300 to 1
10 to 1
450 to 1
20 to 1
600 to 1
40 to 1
750 to 1
75 to 1
900 to 1
100 to 1
1500 to 1

Sports betting parlays are not easy to hit. I know that you hear all the stories of how gamblers make tons of money getting lucky and hitting a big parlay. For the most part that is pure fallacy. Sports betting parlays are winners for the sportsbooks, not the bettors. I am not saying that it is not enjoyable to play one from time to time; it is, just not as a moneymaking proposition.
Sportsbooks love sports betting parlays because their hold percentage is higher than on straight bets. That right there should tell you that sports betting parlays are a losing proposition. Some gamblers have had success from time to time betting sports betting parlays, but rarely does it last. The odds are just too far stacked against you.

From a professional betting point, you are better off making straight wagers. Making the occasional parlay is fun though, and it is something that everyone has done from time to time. Just don’t make it one of your main moneymaking propositions.

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