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Texas Hold’em Poker

In Texas Hold'em the first two cards for each player are dealt face down. To make sure something happens on each deal, the casino uses a "dealer button." At the beginning of the game, the dealer gives each player a card face up. The highest card becomes known as the dealer and has what is called the “button” placed in front of him. The person next to the dealer becomes what is known as the "little blind." He must put one small bet (the lower game limit, ex. $2-$4) in front of him. The next person becomes the "big blind." They must put twice the amount in front of them (the higher game limit, ex. $2-$4). This happens before any cards are dealt to the players at the table.
After the blinds are on the table, the dealer gives everyone two cards, one at a time, starting with the person who had to put in the little blind. Once this is a done deal, the first round of betting begins. Since two people are already in action, the person next to the big blind must decide whether to fold, to call (bet equal to the big blind) or raise (which has to be equivalent to the big blind or higher in No-limit Hold’em). Each other player has the same options, plus the option of re-raising.
When the betting comes back to the little blind, that player must either match whatever wagering has taken place, fold or re-raise. And finally, the big blind has the option of calling any raises, raising, or, if no one has raised, "checking" (tapping the table lightly to signify that no raise.)
After the first round of betting, the dealer turns three cards over in the middle of the table. This is known as the "flop," and these cards belong to everyone involved in the hand (community cards). Another round of betting now occurs.
After all betting action on the flop is completed the dealer turns another card face up and positions it to the right of the third card in the flop. This card is called the "turn." Now another round of betting occurs.
Finally the dealer puts out a fifth card (the "river") and a final round of betting occurs. After the final round of betting the hand is over the best five- card poker hand of the remaining players in the hand wins the pot.


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