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NFL Football Betting First Thoughts

Just as there are certain specific theories or beliefs that a gambler should avoid when it comes to NFL football betting there are some certain smart starting points for a gambler to begin with as he handicaps his way through certain situations that he will encounter.

First and foremost, it is a good place to start for a gambler when he always gives first consideration to the underdog in NFL football betting. The operative word in pro football is “parity” and it is so for good reason. There is very little difference between most pro football teams and the margin for winning and losing against the NFL betting line is even thinner. Parity has been designed by the NFL to be the very essence of the league. With that in mind a gamblers should know that since pro football teams are so evenly matched, any time one of them is getting points against another team, those points are worth a strong look by a gambler. More often than not, the favorite is laying points because of simple public perception type reasons rather than legitimate merit, making the chalk an overlay with no value at all on the betting board. The chalk is often not necessarily the better team and a gambler can quickly by himself a solid bargain value by simply taking the points.

Another simple yet effective approach when organizing your pro football handicapping assignment is to first consider well coached and schooled teams that are known for not making mistakes and, conversely, for a gambler to go against teams that are mistake prone and known for continually beating themselves. There are few things more aggravating when betting pro football than to have laid out cash on a team that is literally throwing a game, (and thus your cash), away due to mistakes such as blown assignments, turnovers and penalties. By the same token it is a rare comfort and comfort for a gambler to have his money on a team that will not beat itself and can be relied on to play mistake free football and not kill off drives with turnovers or have scores called back because of stupid penalties. A gambler is well advised to always check the team turnover margin and penalty statistics.

While it is obvious that a gambler should look for solid reasons to wager on a team it is just as smart for a gambler to look for reasons NOT to take a team. A gambler should always look for ways to AVOID making wagers just as much as actually making them. By putting the negativity to the test, if he can find no solid reasoning to pass up on a team, he may actually have himself a solid play.

Another simple yet profound thought and line of reasoning is to oppose the masses when they are overloaded on one side of a game. More often than not, when a game on the NFL football betting board is overloaded with action on one side or total, the sportsbook has simply set a trap with live bait that will poison the gambling bankrolls of those sucked in.

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