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Bet on NFL Totals based on the Weather

When November rolls around in the NFL weather starts to become a big factor when you bet on NFL totals. The online sportsbooks and bookies around the world have to pay attention to potentially bad weather situations to avoid getting hit by people that bet on NFL totals. The wise guys love to get weather information before the sportsbooks and bet on NFL totals where wind, rain or snow is expected. This can put sportsbooks in the rare position of having less information than the bettor, and it is something they don’t like.

Many sportsbooks and line services have said that weather information is a big key for the wise guys and much less of a factor for the general betting public when they bet on NFL totals. The main weather situations that cause trouble for NFL teams are wind and heavy rain. The wind makes it nearly impossible for the passing game to be effective and the rain can slow down the air attacks as well. Snow can be a factor as well, but it is very overrated. Unless the snow is extremely heavy, it is not nearly the factor everyone things it will be. Most of the wise guys will bet on NFL totals under when bad weather is involved. They almost never bet the over. Professional gamblers will also take a shot at betting the under on any game that has a chance at bad weather, and then if the game turns out to have good weather, they will get off the game.

Sometimes the weather can affect more than just the total for the game. Very often the side will move as well, always toward the underdog. The reason for this is that the bad weather usually makes the game closer than it might have been otherwise. Underdogs are much more likely to keep it close when the weather slows down the game. The weather tends to make teams more equal and that always presents some value on the underdog.

Since we know that weather is going to be a factor in the later months of the season you would think that bookmakers and oddsmakers would be aware of this as well. The facts remain that sportsbooks and oddsmakers are slow to react to things. They don’t always get the best information. The days of having a good oddsmaking service to rely upon are in the past. Most places use LVSC and they are not what they once were. Professional gamblers have more resources and better information when it comes to betting pro football and the weather is no exception.

Weather will always be a factor when betting on NFL totals late in the season. Whenever you consider betting on NFL totals remember that weather can be a factor. If you are going to make a wager on a total that could have bad weather, remember to bet the game early in the week. If you wait until game day most of the value is then gone.

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