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Fans And Ignorant Sports Betting Money

Sports betting “sharps” in Las Vegas have always laughed amongst themselves about the “masses of asses” that bet on the Lakers, Dodgers, UCLA, USC, and Raiders among the California teams that attract so much sports betting money at Las Vegas casino sportsbooks. Much of this has to do with so many Californians either vacationing, weekending, or now living in Vegas and wanting to have a sports betting wager on their favorite team(s). This phenomenon is not just limited to Las Vegas or those teams, however, as online sports betting “sharps” will also notice “public” sports betting teams such as baseball’s Yankees, college football’s Michigan, Miami, and Notre Dame, pro football’s Cowboys, college basketball’s North Carolina, and even NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt, Jr. bring in TONS of “public” sports betting money.

The “sharps” and “wise guys”, who are basically professional or hard core sports betting players love all of this public fan sports betting activity because it often gives them greater value and edges against the sports betting line and sports betting odds and often in the most high profile of games, as the sports betting value of going against such teams is really illuminated when a sports betting player can make a sports betting wager on a quality opponent that now gets extra value because they are up against a “public team.”

Last year’s NBA finals are a great sports betting example of the professionals cleaning the clocks of the amateur fans. The Los Angeles Lakers are among the most public of all teams in sports betting and rarely, even in bad seasons, get a good value on the sports betting line or sports betting odds. The masses of asses just couldn’t imagine the Almighty Lakers of the powerful Western Conference losing to the no-name Pistons of the weak Eastern Conference. Professional sports betting players, however, could see the objective possibilities of a Piston upset and certainly could see the outstanding value of making sports betting wagers on Detroit, which was getting tremendous value on the sports betting line and sports betting odds because nearly ALL of the uninformed and unsophisticated sports betting money from a lot of fans and amateur sports betting players was going on the Hollywood stars rather than the better team. The rest, as they say, is history as Detroit cleaned LA’s clock with relative ease as they cashed in big time for sports betting players both at online sports betting websites and Las Vegas sportsbooks.

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