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March Madness Betting

By Tom Wilkinson

March Madness Betting is more popular in terms of sheer volume than any other type of sports betting. Stretching out well over a month, March Madness Betting gives gamblers around the world numerous opportunities to bet and watch games. Unlike the Super Bowl, which is a monumental betting event, March Madness encompasses hundreds of games. If you include the conference tournaments that begin in early to mid March, the amount of money wagered on March Madness surpasses even Super Bowl betting.

March Madness betting appeals to more than just the hardcore gambler. All over the world, people that know nothing about college basketball get interested when March Madness comes around. March Madness betting pools are extremely common around the world. Everyone loves to get involved once the NCAA tournament begins. The first week of March Madness betting is a boon to sportsbooks and bookmakers around the world. The first Thursday and Friday of the tournament are something very special that no other sport can duplicate. Bettors have a ton of games to choose from and they have all week to bet the Thursday and Friday games.

What makes March Madness betting appealing to gamblers around the world? We know that there are a number of games to choose from, but there are a number of other factors. Nearly every game in the NCAA tournament is on television. That makes every game a huge draw for bettors and for sportsbooks. Every game also has a total and that gives bettors even more options. You also get matchups between teams that you would never see during the regular season. March Madness betting brings together teams from all across the United States to match up against each other. Bettors also love March Madness because underdogs win, and they win outright. March Madness betting brings out true Cinderella stories and that is a very appealing part of the NCAA tournament.

General betting trends for March Madness show us that underdogs cover more often than favorites and certain seeds do better than others. Number 10 and number 12 seeds have been very profitable in the first round. Number three seeds have also been profitable for bettors in the first round. It used to be that the #12 seed would win a game outright every single year. March Madness always brings out the best in underdogs and it really shows itself with the competitive matchups.

March Madness betting is an event all unto itself and the growth will not be slowing anytime in the future. With the advent of offshore sportsbooks and the continuing television coverage, March Madness betting will continue to grow.

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