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Baseball - America’s national sport and the talk of the town right now in as summer continues its approach. It’s been in full swing since April and the plates and field are definitely heating up!

Let’s take a look at the teams to beat in the season so far...

1. Philadelphia Phillies
2. Boston Redsox
3. St. Louis Cardinals
4. Cleveland Indians
5. New York Yankees
6. Florida Marlins
7. Arizona Diamondbacks
8. San Francisco Giants
9. Texas Rangers
10. Atlanta Braves

All of these teams are proving to be the ones to watch so far in the season, but there is still a little more than half of the season left, so that may change. A few of them are underdogs; however, we’ve seen the underdog prove to be the winner on a number of occasions!

Major League Baseball officially kicked off its 2011 season on March 31st and it has been quite the exciting one thus far! There have been some interesting drafts this year and we look forward to seeing what the new combinations will do and what the newest rookies are made of as we go along and there are definitely some high hopes for more history making games this year with all of the new talent that’s been scouted.

Our only advice is for you to pick your favorite and start placing your bets now, because you only have a few more months of the season left before it’ll be back to football again before we know it, especially since they are planning on ending the season earlier than usual on September 28th, 2011.


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